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Chesapeake Chiropractor Provides Integrative Care

At Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, our Chesapeake chiropractor offers diverse services to help patients rehabilitate after an injury and discover new levels of wellness. Dr. Eric Santjer specializes in adjustments his expertise in manual spinal manipulation. Our chiropractor has over 20 years of chiropractic experience, helping patients who suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, as well as helping patients recover from injuries. Our clinic also offers massage therapy and nutritional and lifestyle advice as part of our integrative care for patients.

Chiropractic Care, Rehabilitation, and Massage Therapy

Chiropractic care at our Chesapeake clinic is available for people of all ages. Our chiropractor treats patients who are newborns right up to those who have lived for 100 years. The techniques used include the traditional manual method of spinal manipulation administered by Dr. Eric Santjer.

Both the traditional manual technique and the Activator method are useful in treating patients who suffer from pinched nerves, back pain and neck pain, and headache pain. The Activator tool used allows them to adjust a patient quickly and without pain or discomfort to the patient. Modern manual adjustments used by our chiropractor are also pain-free and comfortable for patients. The techniques used are safe and comfortable enough for pregnant women as well as infants and the elderly.

Chesapeake massage and rehabilitation for patients of all agesIn addition to chiropractic services, our clinic also offers massage therapy to help patients feel their best. The therapy is beneficial for patients who suffer from migraine pain as well as pain in the muscles, such as spasms. Patients who have been injured in a car accident injury or other accident also benefit from massages, as swelling is reduced and blood flow is increased, speeding up the healing process. Both chiropractic care and massage have proven to be beneficial components of rehabilitation plans. By addressing the musculoskeletal system as well as the muscles and soft tissues, we are able to provide patients a comprehensive recovery program.

At our chiropractic clinic,  Dr. Eric Santjer believes in the overall health of a patient. Our chiropractor offers you advice for your day to day activities as well as tips on how to exercise to avoid pain and injury. Talk to our chiropractor to learn how your daily activities may be contributing to your condition or may be causing you pain.

If weight loss or better eating habits are your goals, our chiropractor can also help you achieve those goals. Our doctors will work with you to develop a healthy eating plan that is right for your body and needs.

Appointments Available

Our clinic is typically able to see patients the day they schedule an appointment. Waiting to be seen after your scheduled appointment time is not an enjoyable experience, so it is our goal to see every patient within 10 minutes of their scheduled time. Additionally, we provide after hours emergency care as needed. We respect your time and your health.

Call us at 757.547.4325 today.

Eric C. Santjer D.C.
Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

115 Kempsville Rd. Ste 1, Chesapeake, VA 23320
  After-Hours Emergencies:  757.646.9750 

Doctor Eric Santjer - Your Chesapeake, VA Chiropractor

s41615ca118788_3_2_2.jpgDr. Eric Santjer completed his undergraduate studies at C.W. Post University on Long Island, N.Y.  He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1988 from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. 

Dr. Santjer's primary adjusting technique is traditional manual manipulation, also known as diversified adjusting.  He also uses the activator adjusting instrument when indicated or preferred by the patient.  Therapeutic exercise and nutritional counseling are a big part of Dr. Santjer's practice as well as a variety of physical therapy modalities and massage therapy. 

Dr.  Santjer uses a "whole person approach". This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. Using this unique approach, he is able to help you  accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

Dr. Santjer is licensed by the Virginia Board of Health Professions and also licensed in the State of N.Y.  He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Virginia Chiropractic Association.

In his free time, Dr. Eric enjoys salt water fishing and ATV riding.